Muscle Fuel Evaluation Assessment

Determine the overall energy status of your muscles

This is the comprehensive muscle fuel assessment and provides you with a Muscle Energy Status, Fuel Levels, Fuel Ratings, and Fuel Symmetry.

Gain insights to the overall fuel status of your muscles. We do this by taking a look at your muscle fuel rating, estimated fuel level, and muscle fuel symmetry. Our muscle fuel rating measure will compare you against our MuscleSound population to help illustrate the effects of behavioral/event driven circumstances - ultimately to help arm you with feedback as to how your body is responding to the prescriptions at hand. Our estimated fuel level provides insight and answers the question ‘how full is my tank?’ This feedback is a priceless state driven measure that brings yet more color to the overall energy status of your muscles. Finally, our muscle fuel symmetry measure is one that can help assess the balance or imbalance between bilateral muscles. This measure is a fantastic tool to understand your body and its efficiencies or conversely, its inefficiencies.


Muscle Energy Status (current and historical)

Estimated Fuel Level (current and recent)

Muscle Fuel Rating (current and historical)

Muscle Fuel Symmetry (current and historical)

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