Muscle Fuel Evaluation Assessment - Example

Determine the overall energy status of your muscles

  • MES is good, overall this athlete has a great muscle fuel status. The historical MES displays how initially poor values were addressed with effective interventions.
  • Current and recent fuel levels are high indicating that this athlete is well rested and fueled.
  • The Fuel Ratings indicate where there is room for improvement in specifically the calves.  While the fuel levels of the calves are high, a lower rating indicates that these muscles have not reached their full potential in fuel storage. Athlete routines can be modified to improve these results.
  • Overall fuel symmetry is average, which indicates that this athlete is somewhat efficient in fuel utilization from left to right, but improvements can be made to regain full symmetry and balance.


Muscle Energy Status (current and historical)

Estimated Fuel Level (current and recent)

Muscle Fuel Rating (current and historical)

Muscle Fuel Symmetry (current and historical)

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