Lumify - Setup Keyboard

Install the keyboard

Installing the Lumify keyboard uses the same procedure as installing any other software. If you already have the keyboard installed, you can skip to the  instructions for setting it up.

1) Open the Play Store app

2) Type "MuscleSound" in the search box

3) Touch the card for the MuscleSound Annotation Keyboard

4) Touch the Install button

Setup keyboard

Enabling the Musclesound Lumify keyboard is a straightforward task, but different tablet manufacturers can arrange their settings screens differently. 

Below are instructions for the  Samsung and Nexus tablets. Other tablets will be similar.

Samsung Tablets

1. Open the settings app

2. Select "General management"

3. Select "Language and Input"

4. Select "Virtual Keyboard"

5. Select "Manage Keyboards"

6. Turn on "MuscleSound Annotation Keyboard"

7. Go back to "Language and Input"

8. Select "Default Keyboard"

9. Select "MuscleSound Annotation Keyboard"

Nexus Tablets

1. Open the settings app

2. Select "Languages & Input"

3. Select "Current Keyboard"

4. Select "Choose Keyboards"

5. Find the "MuscleSound Annotation Keyboard" and turn it's selector on. It will prompt with a warning (all keyboards do), click "Ok"

6. Back to "Language & Input" screen

7. Select "Current Keyboard"

8. Select "MuscleSound Annotation Keyboard"

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