Using the MuscleSound Keyboard with Lumify

After installation, the Musclesound Lumify keyboard makes it easier to add annotations to ultrasound scans taken with the Lumify app.  The keyboard prevents extra data entry as a result of missing or mis-typed annotations.

For normal usage, the keyboard works like any other Android keyboard. When an annotation is needed, simply touch 

to get the set of muscle fuel scan annotations
to get the body composition annotations
to return to regular keyboard mode

To Insert annotation

  1. Select the muscle being scanned
  2. Select the Return Key to accept the annotation

To change the annotation for a new muscle

  1. touch anywhere in the previous annotation 
  2. touch the Clear key
  3. touch new muscle-side key
  4. accept by touching the Return key

Quickly switch between the MuscleSound keyboard and the default tablet keyboards


  1. Open the Settings app (from homescreen, or recent apps list)
  2. Select Language and Input
  3. Select Default keyboard
  4. Choose desired keyboard
    1. You can access this screen again quickly if you us the recent apps button


  1. When either keyboard is displayed, click the 'keyboard' icon at the bottom right of the screen

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