About MuscleSound

what is MuscleSound

2 articles

Muscle Energy

learn about muscle energy and fuel

12 articles

Body Composition

lean mass and body fat percentage

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Getting Started

Setup Checklist

get setup to use MuscleSound

4 articles

Lumify Setup Checklist

setup your Lumify to use with MuscleSound

5 articles

Other UltraSound Setup

setup your ultrasound device to use with MuscleSound

6 articles

Setup MuscleSound App

login and create groups and individuals to scan

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Scanning & Collecting Images

How to use a Lumify to collect scans

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Scanning and Imaging Techniques

how to take the correct image

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FAQ - Misc

13 articles

How to use a GE LOGIQe to collect scans

2 articles

How to use a Terason to collect scans

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Check Readiness

How much fuel your muscles have in ‘the tank.’

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Data Collection

For researchers. How to collect data for a study

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Monitor Rehab

Are you ready to return to activity? Track your progress towards recovery.

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Body Composition

3 articles

ad-hoc Muscle Fuel

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