What is MuscleSound

MuscleSound is a company whose unique methodologies “provide immediate and actionable information that enable an individual to unlock their body’s full potential to improve overall health.”

Our patented ultrasound scanning protocols can ‘look inside your muscles’ and evaluate a range of important measures of “MuscleHealth”. These relate, primarily, to Muscle Fuel Analysis and Body Composition Analysis measures that are equally important in healthcare, fitness and performance settings.

Muscle Fuel Analysis(when to measure)

  • Muscle Energy Status (MES): A combined value made up of Estimated Fuel Level and Muscle Fuel Rating. A fully fueled, well-rated muscle is at high MES status and is the basis for monitoring optimal levels of readiness for, as well as recovery from exercise.
  • Estimated Fuel Level (EFL): The level of energy (fuel) stored in muscles at any given time. This is made up predominantly of glycogen but also includes other constituents such as creatine, carnitine and protein together with the associated muscle fluid that enables metabolism to take place. MuscleSound uses a ‘fuel tank’ analogy for this measure and is able to provide a continuously updated ‘percentage full’ Estimated Fuel Level for each muscle.
  • Muscle Fuel Rating (MFR): The comparison (rating) of an individual’s muscle fuel score with the fuel scores of tens of thousands of individuals in the MuscleSound database. Comparing scores in this way shows what the potential of a muscle fuel score may be. It also answers an important question: “How do my muscles compare to others who have been assessed in this way?”
  • Muscle Fuel Symmetry (MFS): The symmetry (balance) of MuscleSound scores between corresponding right and left muscles of the upper or lower body. Such differences have been linked to increased injury risk and performance deficits. The scores are used to support a step-by-step return to full MuscleHealth.

Body Composition Analysis

  1. Body Fat %: The MuscleSound system uses a 7-site measurement protocol, utilizing the widely accepted and validated Jackson & Pollock prediction equations.
  2. Lean Body Mass: Beyond its role in sports and training, lean (skeletal) body mass is a unique tissue that makes a significant contribution to whole body metabolism, weight management, and overall quality of life. Monitoring skeletal muscle mass can also provide a benchmark to assess the effectiveness of training and nutritional approaches.
  3. Individual Site Measurements: MuscleSound assesses and tracks subcutaneous fat layer thickness for each measurement site over time, providing visual evidence as to how each site contributes to overall body fat %.
  4. Categorical Ratings: Body fat results are displayed using a 6 point categorical scale of ‘underfat’, ‘athletic’, ‘fit’, ‘healthy’, ‘overweight’, and ‘obese. This is based on recent groundbreaking research developing healthy percent body fat ranges1 and merging these findings with BMI guidelines produced by NIH2 and WHO3


1.     Gallagher, D. et al. Healthy percentage body fat ranges: an approach for developing guidelines based on body mass index Am J Clin Nutr 72 (3) 694-701, 2000.

2.     US Department of Health and Human Services. Clinical guidelines on the identification, evaluation, and treatment of overweight and obesity in adults: the evidence report. Washington, DC: US DHHS, 1998.

3.     World Health Organization. Obesity: preventing and managing the global epidemic. Report of a WHO consultation on obesity. Geneva, June 3–5, 1997. Geneva: WHO, 1998.

MuscleSound Assessments

Assessing MES and Body Composition with MuscleSound is simple, fast, and can be performed anywhere using a portable ultrasound device.  The overarching value of MuscleSound is that all its data is stored securely in the cloud so that a complete history of all assessments is retained. Digital capabilities mean easy, rapid and comprehensive results downloaded to any web-enabled device. This enables both individual and team patterns of change to be identified, tracked and analyzed over time. MuscleSound sessions are performed through using a unique list of Assessments.

  • Comprehensive Body Composition - 7-site measurement providing body fat percentage, lean mass, and segmental fat analysis.
  • Comprehensive Muscle Fuel - Determine the overall energy status of your muscles. This assessment provides you with Fuel Levels, Fuel Ratings, and Fuel Symmetry.
  • Check Readiness - How much fuel your muscles have in ‘the tank.’
  • Monitor Rehab - Are you ready to return to activity? Track your progress towards recovery.
  • Data Collection - For researchers we understand data collection is unique and time sensitive - so we wanted to make it easy for you. Our approach will enable you to collect data according to your specific needs.

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