Check Readiness Assessment

Am I ready to perform? Is my recovery sufficient?

Two of the most powerful benefits of MuscleSound are the ability to ensure (i) your readiness for your exercise ‘event’ and (ii) your recovery is sufficient for future events. For readiness, scan at least two days before an event to see your MES values. If these are low, your muscles are not at optimal readiness for performance. However, because of this MuscleSound ‘early warning’, you still have time to refuel using appropriate nutritional strategies and/or training workload adjustments before your event. Scan again the following day to confirm your increased MES levels. If levels have increased, then you are ready to go! For recovery, scan at least two days after the event, to allow muscles time for repair and for a return to their pre-exercise state. If MES values are still low, recovery will involve either more rest, nutritional and/or exercise modifications. Repeat scans daily to monitor recovery status. Simply believing you are ready is not enough. With MuscleSound you now have access to previously unavailable, personalized information related to your physiological readiness for exercise! Many professional teams in a variety of sports use MuscleSound with this kind of approach and tell us it is a key tool for their success.

Results Provided

Muscle Energy Status (current and historical)

Estimated Fuel Level (current and recent)

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