Lumify Step 1 - How to get a Lumify

In order to use MuscleSound (priced separately), you will need access to an ultrasound.

Order Lumify

  • Directly from Philips ($199/mo) - see table below
    • Prescribing M.D. license number required
    • Only available in the USA
  •  Option available to order through MuscleSound ($275/mo) with license agreement - includes insurance
    • Inquire to

Lumify is offered on a subscription base model or outright purchase. 

Pricing through Philips
Subscription options:

Orders include a Lumify transducer, the cloud-enabled Lumify Android ultrasound app, software upgrades, manufacturer's warranty, and access to Philips service and education.

Monthly 1 Year 2 Year
$199/month $2,388/12months $4,776/24 months
Premium Warranty: $75/mo Premium Warranty: $900/12 mos Premium Warranty: $1800/24 mos

*Damaged Probe Replacements = ~$5000/ probe
*Premium Warranty provides coverage for up to 2 probe replacements per year if stolen, lost or damaged.

Outright Purchase: *Philips offers in-house financing
Pricing (with 45% discount off of list price) will be approximately $8k per transducer.
*Includes: Transducer, 5 year manufacturer's warranty, Base App, Carrying Case, Phone Support, SW Upgrades for 5 years

Additional warranty for outright purchase:
There is an extended coverage option which is offered as an add-on to the purchase price at an additional fee of $4k per transducer. This coverage is for a 5 year term.
*Provides 1 transducer replacement per year if damaged. (Does not cover loss or theft)

*This can be added on up to one year after point of sale and will be pro-rated

Order Compatible tablet / phone

  • List of devices
  • * Currently the Samsung Active X will not support all of the features of MuscleSound, ask us about its limited functionality *

Order Case (Suggested)

The connection to the Lumify can sometimes get finicky after substantial use.  We suggest you find a case that will help hold the probe connector in the tablet/phone port.

Next Step :  Setup Lumify

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