What is MuscleSound

VISION “MuscleHealth will be universally recognized as an essential vital sign”

MISSION “To establish MuscleHealth as the foundation of optimal health, fitness and wellness, through innovative use of musculoskeletal ultrasound, and dependable, ethical customer support”

“MuscleHealth” is defined as
“The capacity of a muscle to store, generate and replenish energy”

What does MuscleSound do?

We provide immediate and actionable information on MuscleHealth

How does MuscleSound do it?

MuscleSound technology automates the collection and analysis of UltraSound images. Image processing identifies the regions of analysis depending on the assessment performed (Tissue layers, muscle regions, and other structures visible in the UltraSound image). Measurements are then performed on those regions (Echo intensity, area, thickness, texture, angle).

What information does MuscleSound acquire?

Patented algorithms in the MuscleSound web application analyze the scanned ultrasound images and provide practitioners with information on a muscle’s energy producing and structural elements. These important contributors to MuscleHealth currently comprise...

Muscle Size
Muscle Quality
Muscle Fuel
Body Composition


Skeletal muscle is a unique and extensive body tissue that on average makes up approximately 40% of total body mass. While it is typically only thought of as having a physical, movement-oriented role, the skeletal muscle system also makes important contributions to a range of crucial health related functions (Wolfe, 2006), including breathing, protein metabolism, digestion, blood circulation, immune system status, blood glucose regulation, and overall quality of life. The health of muscles, therefore, (“MuscleHealth”) makes an essential contribution to wellbeing at any age and any level of fitness or mobility.

This reality is the basis of the vision for MuscleHealth to become recognized as an essential Vital Sign in the same way that Body Temperature, Blood pressure, Pulse and Respiratory Rate are used in current medical practice.

MuscleSound is currently developing an algorithm that will begin to quantify a MuscleHealth “Index”, initially using a combination of Muscle Quality and Muscle Size. Another important aspect of MuscleHealth is the muscle’s capacity to produce energy, what MuscleSound refers to as its “Muscle Energy Status” (MES). The major contributor to MES is Muscle Fuel. All three of these muscle-related components (Size, Quality and Fuel) can be assessed from the same scanned image using MuscleSound’s patented algorithms. Other contributors to MuscleHealth, such as Pennation Angle and Fascicle Length, will be added as research continues to expand.

In addition, using the same image processing procedures, the MuscleSound software is able to assess Body Composition: percent body fat and lean muscle mass in pounds or kilograms. While not strictly a "muscle measure", Body Composition can provide important supplementary information related to an individual’s health, fitness and wellness.

Assessing the 4 components described above allows healthcare practitioners, coaches, or trainers to monitor and track an individual’s MuscleHealth status whether patient, athlete or somewhere in between. This personalized information can help to guide individuals along the path of increased fitness, readiness for exercise/training, wellbeing and optimal MuscleHealth.


Wolfe, R., The underappreciated role of muscle in health and disease. Am J Clin Nutr 84: 475–82, 2006.

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