Data Collection Assessment

A tool for research studies

When collecting data on fuel, researchers want a fixed, consistent pre-intervention baseline measure against which to compare post-intervention outcomes collected over the duration of the study. Because an individual's muscle fuel tank size fluctuates over time, and fuel levels are calculated as a percentage of that tank size, we have developed a protocol to control for this. Using our Data Collection Assessment tool, fuel level results are recalculated for each subject referencing the entire study to determine the minimum and maximum of that individual’s fuel tank. This normalizes data against the initial baseline measure.

For other outcomes of interest to researchers (Muscle Size, Muscle Quality) a standard, fixed baseline can be established in the usual fashion.

Select Data Collection from the menu
For each subject’s session of images, select the Data Collection Assessment to save this scan data.
Scan Muscles of Interest
Scanning both left and right thigh will provide the best snapshot of muscle size, muscle quality, and muscle fuel. Add additional muscle groups as needed. Ensure consistency of muscles scanned from session to session.
Utilize the notes field when creating the new assessment
Methodical note entries ensure clean data analysis when the study is complete.
Follow-up with another Data Collection Assessment
Each new time of data collection is a new assessment for the subject.

For Fuel

  • When a Data Collection Assessment session is created, the results for that assessment and all previous assessments for that subject will be updated.
  • Each sequential assessment for that subject will reference the previous assessment to ensure consistency in scans collected.
  • Once the study is completed, click on the Data tab (cloud with arrow) to download the complete table of results. 
  • At present with the creation of each Data Collection Assessment session only the current Muscle Energy Status will be displayed. Final Fuel Levels are provided when you indicate the study is complete.

NOTE: Data on other outcomes of interest (Muscle Size and Muscle Quality), can be collected and collated in the usual way

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