Event Preparation Assessment

Are my athletes preparation routines effective? Are they recovering adequately from training?

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One of the most powerful benefits of MuscleSound is its ability to ensure that your athlete is well prepared for an upcoming ‘event’. This will involve analyzing and monitoring Muscle Fuel, Muscle Rating and Muscle Energy Status (MES).

Select Event Preparation from the menu
  • Scan weekly to see Fuel and MES values
  • Scan weekly to see Muscle Rating progression, and how this impacts MES
Scan Muscles of Interest
Both left and right thigh scans will initially provide the best snapshot of your athlete's preparation status. Add additional muscle groups as needed.


Design an action-oriented intervention guided by assessment results

Summary statuses provide an overall view of current muscle fuel levels.  
MuscleSound will also analyze the recent fuel trends of your athletes providing a broader perspective of their fuel status, particularly how 'lifestyle habits and behaviors' may impact their Event Preparation.  
Charts will also provide feedback on historical responses to your interventions. What was effective previously? How did their fuel respond?  
It is also valuable to drill-down into a specific muscle group or muscle side to ask some questions about what could be the cause of abnormal results.

Schedule a follow-up
Use the scheduling tool as a reminder for the subject/athlete of the prescribed intervention. Send results to them as an additional reminder to return for a follow-up. Confirm the effectiveness of the intervention the next day, and/or the day of the event. 

Follow-up with another Event Preparation Assessment
Track and monitor the response of you interventions. Modify as needed.

Results Provided

Muscle Energy Status

Current and Historic MES is charted and trend from previous is reported

Muscle Fuel Levels

Current and recent fuel levels for each muscle side scanned

Muscle Fuel Ratings

Current and recent fuel ratings for each muscle side scanned

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