Research Pathway - MuscleSound Protocol

MuscleSound has created a systematic pathway for our research clients. We have done so to help facilitate appropriate and proper preparation for data collection. We do this to help ensure valuable and successful research projects. The below outlines each phase in this progression.

Phase 0: Onboarding / Training

  • MuscleSound will train ultrasound protocols and MuscleSound software onsite or online
  • Client/MuscleSound interaction on study design to best layout protocols - specifically: define goals of research phases and define study hypothesis
  • MuscleSound / client to discuss previous findings/expectations associated with current research case – disclosure of new and unknown areas to further explore
  • MuscleSound will define the next phase

Phase 1: Repeatability / Reliability

  • Client will perform 100 scans minimum on muscle groups intended for use in research
  • MuscleSound will analyze scans to determine variance and appropriate reliability
  • Once repeatability / reliability is acceptable, MuscleSound will give green light to begin data collection

Phase 2: Initiate Study

  • Data collection can begin for client
  • Upon completion of data collection for initial set, MuscleSound will reengage to ensure Phase 0 and 1 benchmarks are still in good standing

Phase 3: Study Progression

  • Client will follow study protocol ensuring all previous phase benchmarks are upheld

Phase 4: Analysis (optional)

  • Although not required, MuscleSound is available for additional analysis and review of results

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