Lumify - Setup Secure VPN Connection

Initial Setup

Connect to wireless network
Install the 'OpenVPN Connect' app from the android play store 
  1. Open the Play Store app
  2. Next, search for "OpenVPN Connect"
  3. Select the "OpenVPN Connect" from the listing
  4. Select Install
Get device credentials from
  1. Sign In
  2. Select 'My Profile' from the 'Account' dropdown
  3. Select 'Devices'
  4. Copy the VPN credentials of the device you are connecting
    1. VPN Username
    2. VPN Password
Open the 'Open VPN Connect' app
  1. Select 'Access Server'
  2. Fill in the form
  3. Title: MuscleSound
  4. Access Server Hostname:
  5. Port: <leave blank>
  6. Username: <device AET from>
  7. Password: <device password from>
  8. Also select the 'Import autologin profile' checkbox if you would like to skip inserting the device password each time you connect to the VPN.
  9. Select 'Add' at the top right of the screen
Connect to the VPN server

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