Setup Step 1 - Site Requirements for MuscleSound

Site Requirements

Scanning Environment

  • Area(s) in facility where scanning will take place
  • Personnel to conduct scanning
  • Power Connection for Ultrasound
  • Table for athlete to lie on
  • Small tray, table, or cart next to training table for Ultrasound to sit on
  • Ultrasound gel
  • Towels to clean off gel
  • Additional monitor/ipad/laptop visible to athlete during scanning process to review score history & trends (optional)
  • Scanning schedule for athletes / subjects

Internet Network Connection

  • Verify network availability
  • Image transfer capability (some networks restrict this type of data transfer)
    • Have IT enable TCP over port 80 to
    • IT test connection from a windows computer
      • Enable telnet
      • Start > type 'cmd' into search box, enter
      • From command prompt
        open 80
    • If the network will not provide this functionality many have found using a hotspot from a phone,ipad, etc is a better solution long and short term.

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