Terason: Step 2 - Settings

Update Software

Install latest version of Terason t3200 software.  This is necessary as the latest version incorporates properly calibrated image settings that MuscleSound relies on.  

  1. Uninstall the current Terason program (no data will be lost)
    1. Control panel
    2. Uninstall programs
    3. Select 't3200'
    4. Uninstall
    5. Confirm all the steps (no data will be lost)
  2. Download the new software
  3. terason 5.3.5_2305
  4. Extract files
  5. Double click 'Setup'
  6. You will need to restart the machine and confirm all popups.

Create Preset Image Settings

Navigate to the imaging window by selecting 'Probe'

Change the settings to the following:

  • Gain: 45
  • Dynamic Range: 60
  • Focal Zones: 2
  • Focal Range: 2
  • Map: C
  • Persist: 3
  • Zoom: Off
  • Omni Beam: On
  • Center Mark: Off
  • Image Format: Rect
  • TV Level: 3
  • Needle Guide: Off
  • Colorize: Gray

Ensure your settings displayed onscreen match the following image:

Select 'Presets' on the ultrasound screen.

Select 'Save Settings' on the bottom left of the ultrasond screen.

Name New Preset 'Glycogen' and Select 'Save'Use this preset for all scans.

Update Setup Menu Items (tab by tab)

Select 'SETUP' on the ultrasound screen.

The General Tab

License Button

Display Tab

Measurements Tab

Annotation Tab > Laterality

Annotation Tab > Location

Annotation Tab > Anatomy

Store/Acquire Tab


New Server Button

Storage SCPs Select.. Button

Worklist SCP: Query Setup Button

Local Host Setup Button

Export Tab

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