Manually Upload Scan Images

* Manually uploading images is NOT a recommended workflow for using MuscleSound as it is much more cumbersome and an inefficient way of transferring images into the MuscleSound system.

Use this method if there is no option for your ultrasound device to connect to a network and export images using the standard dicom protocol. Load images onto a computer with internet access

  1. Using a web browser, login to
  2. Navigate to the athlete you have images for 
  3. Edit the web address 
  4. Append /scans/new to the end of the web address and select Enter 
  5. Identify the Ultrasound Device (if necessary)
  6. Select 'Choose Files' to navigate to all of the images for uploading 

  7. Navigate to images

  8. Select them all together, or individually 

  9. After ALL images have been uploaded for Athlete Session, navigate back to the Athlete page
  10. Select the Run Assessment button to create the session normally.

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