Developing a new muscle to scan

If you are interested in scanning muscles that are not currently supported by the MuscleSound system, please first reach out to us at

Setup the Project (we can help you)

  1. Identify the value in scanning a new muscle, how will it benefit you?
  2. Identify a group of athlete/subjects to test on
  3. Identify a time, place, and personnel to conduct the testing
  4. Identify an exercise protocol where you are confident that muscle fuel will be changing in the muscle you are building a protocol for
  5. Define different ways you might image the muscle.  Probe orientation, probe location, etc
    1. Always use a slight, resting probe pressure
    2. It is helpful to use architectures in images to find a consistent location/orientation
    3. It is helpful to use anatomy as a starting point for probe location
  6. Organize the data collection
    1. what notes will you place on the images?
    2. what notes will you place on the sessions?
      1. use session notes to define what the protocol was, be consistent and meticulous
    3. what profiles will you save sessions under?
    4. how will you identify the muscles (not currently in the MuscleSound muscle listing)?
    5. don't mix data across athletes/subjects
    6. each protocol attempted should be a session in MuscleSound
    7. all images should be defined as PH
    8. don't change the ultrasound imaging
    9. you are just doing the data collection. don't attempt to use the calculated results
    10. when you are 'done' with a phase of the development, let us know, and we can run the numbers to see whats working

What makes a suitable protocol

  • Imaging is straightforward
    • simple to find location
    • simple to find probe position
  • Imaging is repeatable
    • can you take the same image over and over?
    • can another person take the same image as you?
  • Ability to measure change
    • when fuel levels change, is it detected by the MuscleSound system?

Necessary images for each proposed or tested protocol

  1. PRE images of muscle
    1. muscle is rested and fed
    2. high confidence that the fuel level is high
  2. Immediate POST images of muscle
    1. muscle should be depleted of some fuel
    2. if more than 30 minutes has passed, you've missed your scanning window for new protocol development
  3. Scan and Re-Scan
    1. In each timing window collect multiple images
      1. 3 - 5 images are suggested
      2. remove or swirl probe between images

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