Body Composition Assessment

How much muscle and body fat does my client have? How much of each is optimal?

Body Composition Background Information

Understanding the importance of the relative amount and changes in muscle and body fat as it relates to overall weight is one of the most effective and meaningful ways to track progress in both health and fitness. MuscleSound is at the cutting edge of assessing body composition. 

Select Body Composition from the menu
MuscleSound can assess percent body fat and lean muscle mass - both of which are essential components of fitness and health.
Scan 7 Body Sites
MuscleSound uses the same locations and prediction equations as skinfold techniques with none of the inherent errors associated with caliper measures.
  • Chest (Pectoralis) 
  • Back (Subscapular) 
  • Arm (Tricep) 
  • Upper Side (Midaxillary) 
  • Lower Side (Supra Illiac) 
  • Stomach (Umbilical) 
  • Thigh
Design an action-oriented intervention guided by assessment results
Beyond its role in sports and training, lean muscle mass makes a significant contribution to whole body metabolism, weight management, locomotion and overall quality of life.
Schedule a follow-up
Use the scheduling tool as a reminder for the subject/athlete of the prescribed intervention. Send results to them as an additional reminder to return for a follow-up. Confirm the effectiveness of the intervention within 1-2 months, or whatever time frame is appropriate.
Follow-up with a Body Composition Assessment
Track and monitor the response of interventions. Modify as needed.


Categorized Results

Scale based on Gallagher, et al., 2000 and the CDC's adult BMI guidelines.

MuscleSound utilizes Gallagher's Equation 5 to determine the categories:

Percentage body fat = 64.5 - 848 X (1/BMI) + 0.079 X age - 16.4 X sex + 0.05 X sex X age + 39.0 X sex X (1/BMI)

The main BMI bands are adopted from the CDC's guidelines (18.5, 25, 30). MuscleSound provides additional categories for further insights within the 'Healthy' populations (20, 22.5).

Body Fat %

Lean Mass


Lean Mass Tracking

Segmental Fat Analysis

Site Thickness Tracking

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