Terason - Creating a new scan session

  1. Click the "Run Assessment" button on the athlete thumbnail on the Team page, the Home page, or on any Athlete page
  2. Navigate to the Ultrasound Machine Terason Program Select 'Patient' from the ultrasound image screen

  3. Select 'New Patient' button found at the top left of the screen
  4. Find Athlete by typing their Last or First name into the field, the matches will show up in listing

  5. Double-click on Athlete from listing

  6. Select 'New Study' Button at the top

  7. Confirm new study by selecting 'Accept' at the bottom-left of the screen

  8. Select 'T' button on extended keyboard to insert text annotation

  9. Toggle first ' ^ ' button on extended keyboard repeatedly to select side (Right or Left). *The ' v ' button toggles MUSCLE

  10. Toggle first ' v ' button on extended keyboard repeatedly to select muscle (RF, GS, etc.). *The ' ^ ' button toggles SIDE

  11. For each additional image of same muscle, do not change annotation. Store images pressing the 'Save Image' button.

  12. For a new muscle, press the Text 'T' button and toggle to the appropriate Side and Muscle using the ' Λ ' and ' V ' buttons. Storing each image accordingly. The disk button on the extended keyboard will store each image

  13. After all images have been stored, Select 'Review' at the bottom right side of screen

  14. Scroll with extended-keyboard arrows or scrolling arrows at bottom of screen to bring up "Export" button at bottom left

  15. Select "Export" at bottom left of screen

  16. Step 17 – Select "Export" at bottom of Export popup window

  17. Verify Export and Close popup window

  18. Navigate back to the web browser and to the Run Assessment page on app.musclesound.com.  Follow the steps outlined. Within a few seconds of exporting the images from the Ultrasound machine, they will show up under Step 4, Choose Study

  19. Follow the remaining steps, select relevant timing and enter notes associated with session. Finally, press 'Complete Assessment'.

  20. Review the session results

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