Check Recovery Assessment

Have my athletes recovered sufficiently? Are their muscles back to optimal status?

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One of the most powerful benefits of MuscleSound is the ability to ensure that your athlete has recovered sufficiently from their exercise event.

Select Check Recovery from the menu
 For recovery, scan at least one to two days after an event to see fuel values. If these are low, muscles are not at an optimal recovery status.
Scan Muscles of Interest
 Both left and right thigh scans will provide the best snapshot of the body's fuel. Add additional muscles groups as needed.
Design an action-oriented intervention guided by assessment results
Summary statuses provide an overall view of current muscle fuel levels. MuscleSound will also analyze the recent fuel trends of your athletes providing a broader perspective of their fuel status, particularly how 'lifestyle habits and behaviors' may impact Recovery. Downloadable charts will also provide historical feedback on responses on your interventions: what was effective previously? How did their fuel respond? Utilize this assessment as an 'early warning'. It is also valuable to drill down into a specific muscle group or muscle size to ask questions about what could be the cause of abnormal results.
Schedule a follow-up
 Use the scheduling tool as a reminder for the subject/athlete of the prescribed intervention. Send results to them as an additional reminder to return for a follow-up. Confirm the effectiveness of the intervention the next day, and at appropriate intervals until full recovery is achieved.
Follow-up with another Check Recovery Assessment
Track and monitor the fuel response of interventions. Modify as needed.

Results Provided

Overall Fuel Level

This is an average fuel level across all of the muscles included in this scanning session

Nutrition / Sleep / Recovery Status

MuscleSound uses the overall fuel level and the trend from the last session to determine a status. Short descriptions and general advice are also displayed.

Muscle Side Fuel Levels

Current and recent trends are displayed for all muscles scanned. Here is an example of one muscle's results.

Status Determination
Overall Fuel Level Trend Resulting Status
0-33 Low NA
33-66 Average NA
66-100 High NA
0-33 Low < -20%
0-33 Low -20% to +20%
0-33 Low > +20%
33-66 Average < -20%
33-66 Average -20% to +20%
33-66 Average > +20%
66-100 High < -20%
66-100 High -20% to +20%
66-100 High > +20%


Sleep: A Brief Review of its Impact on Sports Performance.

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