Taking Quality Muscle Fuel Images

When acquiring images the user is attempting to be consistent in
  • Location
  • Pressure
  • Angle / Tilt
  • Contact

If these are consistent, the MuscleSound system will be accurate in tracking fuel

Step by Step

  1. Determine location of muscle to scan (measure, landmarks, etc)
  2. Apply gel to the probe or directly on muscle.
    1. Ensure there is sufficient amount of gel, insufficient gel results in loss of signal and darker images
    2. Swirl the gel on the skin to remove black streaks.
  3. Locate the muscle on the UltraSound screen.
  4. Tilt the probe lengthwise so that the fascia on the top of the muscle is straight horizontally, and continuous.
  5. Tilt the probe widthwise so that the fascia on the bottom of the muscle is in focus and continuous.


  • Hold probe with thumb and two or three fingers
  • Rest heel of hand on muscle
  • Apply only a resting amount of pressure to muscle
    • Too little pressure, the top fascia will not be horizontal (happy face shape).
    • Too much pressure, the bottom fascia flattens out.
  • Place cord from probe over your shoulder so it doesn't pull on the probe
  • Setup the UltraSound machine in front of user taking the scans, so you don't move probe when storing images
  • Start with probe perpendicular to muscle
  • Eliminate black streaks in image by applying more gel and/or swirling probe over muscle

Examples of Bad Images

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