Rectus Femoris (RF)

Leg must be extended  straight, and relaxed
Mark the quad by finding the measurement from Step 3 in the Assessment workflow (it's a lookup on the subject's height).

Tip: Use a tape measure and felt tipped marker.

Apply gel to the probe or directly on muscle.
Place probe on muscle with a slight, resting pressure. The length of the probe should be in the direction of the muscle width.
Locate the center of the Rectus Femoris (RF) by sliding the probe from left to right. The center of the RF is found by centering the bottom of the facia on the screen.
Tilt the probe lengthwise so that the fascia on the top of the muscle is straight horizontally, and continuous.
Tilt the probe widthwise so that the fascia on the bottom of the muscle is in focus and continuous.

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