Terason t3200 Image Transfer Troubleshooting

Verify Network Connection


Find the Wireless icon in the bottom right section of the desktop.

Single Click the icon to see the list of available wireless networks.  This image example shows a connection to the MuscleSound wireless network.

Select the desired Network to make changes. (Connect, Disconnect)

Two-finger click (right-click) to bring up more options (Disconnect/Connect, Status, Properties)

Select Properties if you would like to verify the wireless password.          Select Status to view signal strength, and other details.


Wired Ethernet Connection

Find the Internet connection icon in the bottom right section of the desktop.

Select 'Network and Sharing Center'

From here you can verify connectivity, change network settings, and have windows troubleshoot problems.

With a successful connection via wireless or ethernet cable, verify internet browser can access the internet






DICOM Server Troubleshooting

Select 'SETUP' on the ultrasound screen.

Select the DICOM tab

Be sure 'DCM4CHEE' is selected in Server dropdown list and Select the 'Edit' button.

Verify these settings... most notably the IP Address: pacs.musclesound.com

If settings are changed, you must OK out of window and select "Apply" to save new settings.

Select 'Verify' to check DICOM server connection.  If it shows 'connected', images should transfer to the MuscleSound pacs server.


"TimeOut" the IP Address is probably incorrect.

"Verify Failed", computer doesn't have internet connection. 


"Network Service is not running" 

Close Ultrasound Program, and Reopen Terason program

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