LOGIQe Create Athlete / First Session

Step 1 - Create New Athlete in web application app.musclesound.com

Step 2 - Fill out New Athlete form and Save

Step 3- View the athlete's Patient ID to be inserted into the Patient ID field on the ultrasound machine

Step 4 - Select New Patient on the LOGIQe ultrasound machine

Step 5 - Populate the form using the Patient ID generated from MuscleSound

You will need to backspace/delete the auto-generated Patient ID

Step 6 - Select 'Register' found on the left side of the screen

Step 7 - Select 'Exit' found at the bottom left of the screen to begin storing images for this athlete

Step 8 - Verify Patient Name, ID, and image settings

Step 9 - Use annotations to identify muscle to be scanned (not possible on all machines)

Step 10 - Using the proper scanning protocols, apply probe to muscle

Step 11 - Freeze the image

Step 12 - Export image using the P2 button (some machines setup with P1 or P3 instead)

Step 13 - Unfreeze, and repeat (annotation, freeze, export) for each image

Step 14 - Navigate to app.musclesound.com in a web browser (Chrome)

Step 15 - Locate the athlete scanned, and select the New Session button

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