GE LOGIQe Image Transfer Troubleshooting

Common Problems and Fixes

Scanned with a missing or incorrect Patient ID

MuscleSound will be unable to identify who the images are assigned to if the Patient ID doesn't match the athlete's Patient ID in the app.

Please edit the study and try to export the images again.

Images won't show up in the app

If the correct Patient ID was used, most likely something is compromised with your network connection.  The images are unable to leave the machine.  Please check and verify:

  • Connection to a network
  • If you are using a LAN (wired connection), you must have a DICOM license enabled from GE
  • The network connection must have port 80 open for TCP traffic.  Some IT admins restrict this traffic
  • If you need to login to a network with a web browser for your credentials, the LOGIQe won't function.  It does not have a web browser.

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