Lumify Step 1 - How to get a Lumify

In order to use MuscleSound (priced separately), you will need access to an ultrasound.

NOTICE: All of the following information is specific to the Lumify UltraSound device, provided by Philips. All of this information is subject to change. Contact Philips for more details.

Order Lumify

Directly from Philips ($199/mo) - see table below 

Prescribing M.D. license number required

Available in the following locations  Lumify-Countries-11-2018.pdf (contact Philips for up to date availability)

Pricing through Philips

Lumify is offered on a subscription base model or outright purchase

Orders include a Lumify transducer, the cloud-enabled Lumify Android ultrasound app, software upgrades, manufacturer's warranty, and access to Philips service and education.

Monthly 1 Year 2 Year
$199/month $2,388/12months $4,776/24 months
Premium Warranty: $75/mo Premium Warranty: $900/12 mos Premium Warranty: $1800/24 mos

*Damaged Probe Replacements = ~$5000/ probe
*Premium Warranty provides coverage for up to 2 probe replacements per year if stolen, lost or damaged.

Outright Purchase: *Philips offers in-house financing
Pricing (with 45% discount off of list price) will be approximately $8k per transducer.
*Includes: Transducer, 5 year manufacturer's warranty, Base App, Carrying Case, Phone Support, SW Upgrades for 5 years

Additional warranty for outright purchase:
There is an extended coverage option which is offered as an add-on to the purchase price at an additional fee of $4k per transducer. This coverage is for a 5 year term.
*Provides 1 transducer replacement per year if damaged. (Does not cover loss or theft)

*This can be added on up to one year after point of sale and will be pro-rated

Order Compatible tablet / phone

List of devices

Order Case (Suggested)

We suggest you find a case that will help hold the probe connector in the tablet/phone port.

Next Step :  Setup Lumify

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