Test Device Compatibility

Find out if your device might work with MuscleSound

  1. Review Ultrasound Requirements
  2. Review Site Requirements
  3. Does your site and ultrasound meet ALL of the requirements?
    1. Yes?  Great! Notify MuscleSound that you are testing out your device by sending an email to support@musclesound.com
    2. No? Don't worry, we can still provide a solution for you.  Please send us a message info@musclesound.com
  4. Set your device AET to 'testdevice'
  5. Create a new server to connect to
    1. AET: DCM4CHEE
    2. IP Address: pacs.musclesound.com 
      1. If you have to insert the numeric IP Address instead:
    3. Port Number: 80
  6. Set the imaging to MSK B-mode
  7. Set the image depth to 3.5cm - 4cm
  8. Create a new study for a test Patient/Athlete
  9. Enter First and Last Name: test, test
  10. Put gel on the probe
  11. Store an image
  12. Export only ONE image to the MuscleSound server
  13. MuscleSound will communicate with you on your device's compatibility

Next Step : Calibrate Your UltraSound

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