Calibrate Your Ultrasound for Use with MuscleSound

If MuscleSound has determined that your device might be compatible by following these steps, you will be instructed to proceed to the following calibration routine.
  1. Find a Rectus Femoris muscle to scan.  Needs to be a non depleted image (no post exercise).
  2. Review the scanning protocol for the RF Scanning the Rectus Femoris
  3. Change the secondary image settings on your ultrasound device so that they are set to the medium value.
    1. Examples:  Map, Persist, TV, Palette, Focal Points, etc
  4. Change the main image settings on your ultrasound device so that the scanned muscle results in something similar to the example image

    1. Gain
    2. Dynamic Range
  5. Use those settings as a starting point and then take the following images and export to your patient profile in MuscleSound.  Do your best to take identical images.  Attempt to leave probe unmoved on muscle while changing settings and storing images.

For example, the images taken if the starting point is Gain=75, DynamicRange=80

MuscleSound will then analyze the images, and determine the ideal image settings for your device.

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