Terason t3200 Annotations are Not Working

  • If you are missing Muscles in the annotation list.  You can add them by following these instructions

  • If you are annotating, but they don't show up on the images in MuscleSound
    • In the Terason Program
    • Setup > Export tab
    • Check the boxes (there are two of them)  for 'Burn-in measurement and annotation overlays'
    • Apply > OK

  • On the next export you can verify that the annotations will remain on the images by selecting 'Override Settings' at the top left

  • Ensure the 'Burn-in measurement and annotation overlays' is CHECKED

  • If the annotations are being placed in the wrong location on the image
    • In the Terason Program's Imaging Screen
    • Press the spacebar
    • Use the scroll < > arrows on the extended keyboard to bring up the menu items "Home" and "Set Home"
    • Move the Cursor so that it will be on the right edge of the image at about the 1.8cm depth (See image) 
    • Press the second ^ key on the extended keyboard.  Sometimes labeled with a BC sticker.  This selects the 'Set Home' button at the bottom menu.
    • All future annotations will successfullybe placed in this position

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