Lumify - Creating a new scan session

** These steps define the comprehensive process in collecting data.  If you are interested in a  faster and easier process you can perform the athlete assigning in using these steps **

  1. Open
  2. Navigate to the athlete you are going to scan by selecting their name
  3. Copy the Patient ID 
    1. use a long press on the ID
    2. the make sure the entire ID was selected
    3. select COPY
  4. Open the Lumify App
  5. Select Create Patient from the home screen or top left menu
  6. Paste the Patient ID into the MRN field
    1. use a long press in the empty field
    2. select PASTE
    3. you can instead type in the ID, it needs to match exactly what is in the musclesound app
    4. Type in the Last and First name
      1. This only needs to be done the first scan session
      2. You don't need to use the real name of the subject
    5. The Birth Date field is unnecessary and can be left blank
  7. Select START EXAM at the top right of the screen
  8. Ensure MSK is the preset in the list at the right side of the scanning screen
    1. depth: 3.5cm
    2. gain: 50
    3. power: -0.3
  10. Use the snowflake icon to freeze and unfreeze during scanning
  11. Unfreeze the image
  12. Place gel and probe on muscle of interest according to the proper MuslceSound protocol
  13. Press the snowflake icon to freeze the image
  14. Select Annotation from the menu
  15. Use the installed MuscleSound keyboard to quickly add the annotation 
    1. DO NOT move the annotation location. should be bottom left of image
    2. Bring up the keys for the type of assessment
    3. Select the muscle being scanned
  16. Select the Return Key to accept the annotation
  17. Select 'Save Image"
  18. Unfreeze 
  19. Repeat for each muscle side.  
    1. If you repeat the same muscle, the annotation does not need to change, we suggest at least 3 images of each muscle for an accurate result.
    2. To change the annotation for a new muscle, 
      1. touch anywhere in the previous annotation 
      2. touch the Clear key
      3. touch new muscle-side key
      4. accept by touching the Return key
  20. When scanning is complete, select END EXAM found at the top right
  21. The study will automatically be queued for export.
  22. Switch back to Chrome
  23. Select the New Session button for the athlete
  24. Ensure the images have all transferred and have been assigned to the correct muscle side
  25. Identify Timing
  26. Insert any additional notes you might have
  27. Create Session

How to Change Image Depth While Scanning

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